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TP - Intra-group services cannot be benchmarked at Nil, if payment is made at cost without any markup and attribution was made on basis of methodology adopted for recovering expenses from all group entities: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') DTAA - If effective management of enterprise is not in one of Contracting States, but is situated in third state, then benefit of Treaty with Contracting State cannot be extended: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') I-T - Payments made overseas towards purchase of software which is actually of nature of 'reimbursement of expenses', attracts no withholding tax liability u/s 195: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') Govt enacts Ordinance creating two corporate tax slabs at 15% & 22% (See 'TII Brief') Total revenue foregone to be over Rs one lakh crore: FM CSR funds can be spent on incubators, national universities and R&D laboratories: FM Relief to Listed Companies - Tax on buyback of shares exempted FM withdraws enhanced surcharge on capital gains arising out of sale of equity share by Trust, HUF, BOI and others + Benefits also extended to sale of derivatives and securities by FPIs FM announces no relief for existing companies in corporate tax rate if they opt not to join concessional tax regime but can join it after tax holidays are over + MAT tax rate reduced from 18.5% to 15% Govt announces reduction in corporate tax rate through Ordinance + Domestic Companies allowed to pay 22% corporate tax rate if no exemption is availed + No MAT to apply to such companies + New Companies making investment in manufacturing and registered after October to pay only 15% corporate tax rate OECD sees weakening momentum of economic growth in India; pegs it at 5.9% for current fiscal Global economy becoming more fragile: OECD (See 'Brief') Sharing of tax information received under DTAA - CBDT reiterates no sharing with CBI & others unless permission taken from tax jurisdiction sending info (See 'Bulletin Board') I-T - Commission paid to non-resident agents in respect of sales affected outside India, cannot be held chargeable to tax in India: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - Entities engaged in diversified activities for which no segmental reporting has been provided, are unfit for purposes of comparison: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - Functional dissimilarity & failing related party transaction expenses, renders such concern unfit for purposes of comparison: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - TPO should not compute margins of taxpayer entity by taking into consideration only segmental revenue of one of its division: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') GST Council's Goa Meet - Torrid time lies ahead! (See 'THE COB(WEB)' in TIOL)
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